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Jan. 10th, 2010


(no subject)

I realised that if I wrote something serious I'd get all sappy.

This year has felt less like a year than any other year I know. It's all blended into a line chart of sucky-suckier-epic-EPICAWESOMEYAY-the dumps-not as sucky-ran out of room on the graph.

... Actually there should be more 'epic' on said chart.

Dudes. I didn't post about the EPIC Halloween. D: I am the WORST blogger EVER.

And I need a laptop.

But things are doing strangly well-ish. Considering the amount of suck this year and last has/had foretold.

Now I just need to get writing and get back into roleplaying.


And at long last a friend is on LJ...


PS: Everything here is ancient. OMG I failed last year's promise to update this loads. That SUCKS.

brb - makin' a proper post.

Dec. 4th, 2009


There is nothing more likely to make you a gamer...

Do you know what's absolutely soaked in awesome? This! (A vid well worth watching) And even if that doesn't take your fancy... At least look at the shiny!

Theirs is one kickass family! As if Altair wasn't shiny enough! Ezio comes in with his gorgeous, thick Italian accent! I've done well over my fair share of gaming, and in the true way of doing things - I've tried a heck of a lot of games. I've never found a game so immersive (apart from perhaps Halo). I nearly died from lack of sleep because of the awesome!

There... there are no words!

The setting of this sequel is so much better! (And I thought I'd never say that!) The effects of time are obvious, and there's the distinct feeling of a particular culture, not just the traditions of the Assassins.

If you have any money whatsoever, and have an xbox? I'd highly recommend this. It's not as easy to pull off all the best moves as you think but the fighting style is gorgeous to watch at all times!

Man, I just wanna break the fourth wall and take 'em home with me! >:)
Partially winged


Post dedicated to ease my feeling of silliness whenever I spot my short stories rotting away in my documents folder. Self? This is for you...

Guaranteed to have never known this much about J before...Collapse )
Maybe now this is on LJ I'll start writing more. Even faster if any passer by throws a prompt/makes a request! ;D!
Partially winged

Swine Flu - This country would get the bad version, /wouldn't/ it?

Got my jab today. A little family day out so my mother could continue to emphasise which one to get.

Now, despite allowing my mum to practice acupuncture on me, this made me nervous. Last time I'd gotten a jab I remembered it not being too fussy. But this was the swine flu vaccine and it had lots of '??'s floating around it. Plus, my friends are moaners and decided to tell me that someone fainted while they were getting theirs, and all they could hear were yelps.

So, after getting through and feeling a pinprick... I blinked and asked if it was done.

A feckin pinprick.

God, needles are overfeared...

And contrary to the popular belief of my friends I wasn't clutching my arm in pain by the end of the day! HA, FRIENDS! HA!

Story of the Day: [Trying to wheedle our way into getting a certain version of vaccine]
Nurse: So what happens when you eat dairy products?
Bro: Well... Last time I was in Dublin I ended up in hospital...
Nurse: Oh! Right this way!
[Could've been in the hospital for a broken arm, but...]

Nov. 24th, 2009



Penguins are why you should never let me get bored.

People are now demanding these doodles! :0 I'm surprised! I didn't think I drew penguins that well! They're just so bloody cute!


Aug. 28th, 2009

Partially winged

OMG this thing is still here... Here, have a bloody long post

I was listening to Lovegame by Lady Gaga for a mo back there.
"Let's have some fun, this beat is sick..."
No... It's making me sick. Sorry, it's just repeating that word in the way she was singing it too, makes my gut twinge. I can't imagine ever using that word as something other than it's original meaning. Bloody stimuli and all the rest of it.

Another song I can't listen too "The Way I Are". I remember the first time I heard the song it was a friend singing it and I was adamant it must be wrong. And they wonder why the youth have no sense of grammar...

Also, I swear one Thomas Hardy is haunting me. I read a short summary on Horatio Nelson - obviously Hardy was dotted throughout that. Then I walk into a room and stacked up are several books with HARDY along the side. Ok, different Hardy, I know, but still! And then I open up museteasers randomly (I have neglected it and haven't actually posted anything in it, but I appreciate the prompts). Even if I haven't written anything, I like a list of prompts on hand. And right up the top "Kismet" along with the only piece tagged onto the post mentioned a shop (presumably fictional) "Kismet & Hardy". THANKS, museteasers , for helping Hardy haunt me!

Then I got preoccupied feeling guilty that I'd neglected the comm. So I started scrolling through 'my list of prompts'. And I actually started writing! Horror! : O! I owe something to Cadaver (plus, you know that J(aka Gary) and Cadaver are a package deal), so I felt it was only fair they were something to do with them. So, enjoy, or just... whatever.
Are you happy, now, Hardy??Collapse )

Jul. 22nd, 2009


Waffles are the answer.

Despite some people's viewpoint that family dinners at the dinner table are forced and awkward, I find they're really fun. In my family, you don't even need to wait until everyone's seated to start discussing all manner of chaotic ideas.

But I'll admit, we do tend to have a theological streak to our conversations. Every meal is a meal of enlightenment. Just the other day, we discovered that black matter isn't what causes experiment abnormalities, so on and so forth. It's waffle holes. Upon further thought it was agreed that those tricky waffle holes are also numerous within the Bermuda Triangle. Hence the disappearances.

It's all waffle holes! Do not be duped!

I'll be submitting an essay to the The Geological Magazine within the next two weeks.

Jun. 17th, 2009

Partially winged

(no subject)

So... did you see any flying manta ray monsters...?Collapse )And sadly I'm going to be off next week too to go clean up and paint a house. : \

And you can tell me why I do this much travelling.

May. 28th, 2009

Ten is Love

C'est la vie!

So... I think I've told everyone linked to this journal anyway... But a quick reminder that I'm not gonna be able to reply for 2 weeks. But yeah... you probably know that.

On another note. I had the most gorgeous dream. Dunno how, but I met David Tenant. And I dunno why, but he invited me for lunch, because... no, I dunno why. And we had brownies while we talked about Doctor Who. OMG it was one shiny thing! And in said dream he had an msn addy which he gave to me. And we grumbled over msn about fame (which I know nothing about). But still. I was disappointed when I woke up.


But was still awesome.

But now I'm off for the summer I've got to get cracking. Always feel like writing this time of year! Heehee, time to write fics, try out new communities, draw, take photos of French dudes and have a life too! Beware, I've already seen signs that I'm going to be hyper.

Note: Do not worry when my 'lol' count doubles within the space of a day.
Post-It: I might be acting all 'rushed' this year.

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