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Partially winged

So... France was cool. Although my anti-stereotypes view was somewhat shattered by the berets around every corner and the garlic hanging on the flagpole with the French flag. (Which makes me wonder whether France is the most hated country in vampire communities, but that's another topic...)

I went to see Pech Merle, a town Pissaro visited and other mildly important places I can't remember the names of. And in the tradition of sightseeing it was somewhat anti-climatic. In Pech Merle's case; Hinted by the dampness if nothing else (bad pun, sorry).

I also went on several of those assualt course things. The ones suspended that make you hop between trees doing ridiculous balancing acts and hoping the harness doesn't get any tighter around all the wrong areas. Damn fun, those.

The first one I did (go me, the first one I'd ever done) I fell off the stepping logs. You had nothing to really hold onto and they spun 360 degrees in whichever direction to get you off. So, apart from that moment swinging on a wire going "Oh, so this is all that happens? What's the point in being worried about falling off?" and finding out my fellow adventurers had stepped on the stable and steady wire holding the stepping logs up; (Why didn't I think of that moment, here) It was pretty easy from thereon in.  Apart from the other place where I just kept going onwards and accidentally wound up on a course that most of the rock climbing, extreme sports guys don't go. Whoops. I understood once I got to the point I could almost (exagguration) touch the last platform but hadn't the energy to do so much as stretch out my arm, let along haul my own body weight up another couple of feet. So I was swinging above the car while my comrades in trees watched and licked ice-creams down below.

Even though I saw a stalagtite 95 or so metres high, saw cave paintings done via spitting, did archery and jumped from a platform almost as high as this house, that tree place is still what I'll talk about most. Thanks to Nico. (Thank you, Nico!) He made the whole thing that bit more fun. By the end of it I was thinking of him of Odd Vanishing French Dude Nico.
Nico events:

1. He insisted on ladies (that meant me)  getting harnessed first purely due to manners. (Is it bad that I had no idea how to react to that?)

2. So he asked me my name, and I told him, and he pulled a face, and we debated its pronounciation a while and he still looked like "Oook, weeeird name." So I spared him and explained that it's Irish. Suddenly he perked up. "Ooooh, Irish! Better than the English, no? The English... Pfft!" He grinned, rolled his eyes to demonstrate 'the English'. I couldn't help but laugh because there's a serious tang of irony in the air. I decided against telling him I was born and raised in England, just laughed.

3. He then explained that he was going to help us learn French by talking to us in French. Ooooh boy, there's a mistake. (Though it was probably to cover up for his lack of English vocab.)

4. So after explaining what to do, we had to do the small trail course for good measure. Tiny thing, really. But I was still waiting and Nico was still stuck on my name so he babbled something at me. I blinked and went "Pardon?" after getting him to repeat himself the second time he explained that he was saying that I had a beautiful name. My reaction? To look away, blush and think "Oh God, more manners, what do I do?". Mumble a quiet, 'merci' and jump onto the trail thing, apparently.

5. Apart from watching amused as my comrade screams at the top of his lungs for Nico to come and explain things to him and watching Nico walk underneath me humming to himself, everything was fine for a bit.

6. Waiting for a friend to get a head start, Nico clipped onto a wire and started swinging on it. (At first I thought it was to get me to wait, but turns out it was just for fun). Then starts talking to me (Oh Lord no!) in French. I was actually starting to speak up, until he changed the subject onto something I have no idea about. Then he settled on teaching me a rhyme. I don't actually remember it, but... Anyway, around that point I said (through hand gestures, I was suddenly unable to speak in either language) that I wanted to follow up. So he nodded, and I waited for him to get off, and he didn't, and he gestured for me to come along, and boy that was awkward. 

7. Going up the wire, I look back to see Nico start swinging again yelling "Whee!" and singing something in French. 

I mean, all votes for your inner child, but that was odd to see! Hence why Nico is most talked about. At... least he made an impression? Apparently, someone told him myself and siblings were from England, living in Ireland due to Irish blood. His reaction: "So...are they English or Irish?" To me, that translates as: "Did I insult them at the start of that or not?" (My friend shrugged and said they didn't know) He probably thought not due to my laughing, but still.  

So, those were the highlights of the 2 week in France.

Odd return too. I turn on my computer to find a friend has acussed me of being rude. Turns out she didn't believe I went to France (because that's impossible), that I was ignoring her the whole time and that it was all just a ploy to avoid her. Issues, mate! (Not that I told her anything other than the truth and asked her what was going on.) So. She... defriended me. So I went and made tea. Ok, I was going to do that anyway, but! Odd!

But now my brain hurts. We drove over an hour almost every day and it was 80s songs all the way with "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" tossed in the middle. Sadly, I tried to remember all the songs instead of writting them down. And now J's singing mutant songs. Oh dear Lord save me.


 And sadly I'm going to be off next week too to go clean up and paint a house. : \

And you can tell me why I do this much travelling.


Partially winged

January 2010

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