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Partially winged

OMG this thing is still here... Here, have a bloody long post

I was listening to Lovegame by Lady Gaga for a mo back there.
"Let's have some fun, this beat is sick..."
No... It's making me sick. Sorry, it's just repeating that word in the way she was singing it too, makes my gut twinge. I can't imagine ever using that word as something other than it's original meaning. Bloody stimuli and all the rest of it.

Another song I can't listen too "The Way I Are". I remember the first time I heard the song it was a friend singing it and I was adamant it must be wrong. And they wonder why the youth have no sense of grammar...

Also, I swear one Thomas Hardy is haunting me. I read a short summary on Horatio Nelson - obviously Hardy was dotted throughout that. Then I walk into a room and stacked up are several books with HARDY along the side. Ok, different Hardy, I know, but still! And then I open up museteasers randomly (I have neglected it and haven't actually posted anything in it, but I appreciate the prompts). Even if I haven't written anything, I like a list of prompts on hand. And right up the top "Kismet" along with the only piece tagged onto the post mentioned a shop (presumably fictional) "Kismet & Hardy". THANKS, museteasers , for helping Hardy haunt me!

Then I got preoccupied feeling guilty that I'd neglected the comm. So I started scrolling through 'my list of prompts'. And I actually started writing! Horror! : O! I owe something to Cadaver (plus, you know that J(aka Gary) and Cadaver are a package deal), so I felt it was only fair they were something to do with them. So, enjoy, or just... whatever.

Go Fish

Richard did a double take, confirming that the sign Gary was pinning up on the door said “Gone Fishing”. “Why are you putting that up?”

Gary stepped back and looked at him like he’d grown another head. And another three sets of arms. “To let people know you’re out. Our neighbours are sick of having the door broken down when they’re just about to go to sleep. Not to mention the sound of all our furniture being turned over.”

“You’re worrying about our neighbours, Gary? I don’t know whether to be impressed or disturbed.” Either way he was looking surprised.

“Stick with impressed and stop acting as if I’m normally a selfish, rowdy teenager.”

“You’re growing up.” Richard pulled himself away from looking proudly at him to lock the door. “The sign’s still horribly inaccurate.”

“Well you know what you have to do, then,” Gary said, turning and starting down the corridor. “Go fish.”

Oops, Sorry, Lost Track of Time

Richard fidgeted impatiently and checked his watch again. The ‘extra five minutes’ he’d requested had long since passed, doubled and since quadrupled. He pulled out his phone and had just scrolled down to Gary’s number when he turned the corner and strolled up to Richard with a large grin on his face.

“How are you doing?” He clapped a hand on Richard’s shoulder.

“You were supposed to be here half an hour ago! That’s the last time I let you make your own way anywhere,” he grumbled and set about fixing Gary’s tie, then wrinkled up his nose. “You smell of perfume. Cheap perfume.”

“Yeah, I’m sorry, I got distracted. Met a lovely lady and completely lost track of time.” He didn’t look the least bit sorry, with a wide grin plastered across his face.

“Just the one? Well, that’s something, I guess.” Though he didn’t sound so sure, himself. “Plus, you don’t smell of drink…”

The mischievous cackle in reply was not encouraging and Richard leaned back. “Maybe you should stay out here.”

Gary tried to look sober for a moment, but it fell back into a grin before he could fully compose the expression. “Mmhmhmhmmaybe you should.”

Richard sighed but slipped back through the door, all that waiting for nothing… Meanwhile, Gary perked up at the sight of a slim figure walking through the door. He straightened his tie and grinned. “Time to go lose track of time…”

And then I got distracted from the prompts and started wondering about what would happen if Cadaver tried to calm down a group and that translated as 'break out the booze'. After writing the following piece it's pretty much confirmed that Cadaver sucks at handling his drink. So: If you want anything from him - get him drunk first!

“You got everyone wasted?” Gary asked in disbelief, peering at him from over the back of the couch to see if he was joking. This was Richard, his Richard, his no-alcohol, no-dugs, completely calm and proper Richard. Right?

“Yes. Though it wasn’t quite what I had in mind when I suggested everyone take a break and relax.” He admitted with a sigh as he draped his coat over the back of the couch and loosened his tie.

It sounded like that was as good an explanatory-punch line as he was going to get. He slumped back into the chair with a thoughtful frown.Then, in what appeared to be a purely spontaneous move, he hopped over, hooking a hand around the back of Richard’s neck and swinging into a kiss. It was worth surprising him like that just to get that cute little startled noise from him. Though he looked disappointed when he pulled back to fully see Richard’s astonished expression collapse into a smile. “What was that for?”

Gary shook his head and meandered back to his seat sadly. “Not the faintest taste of alcohol… Terribly rude of you, sitting in the middle of drunk old men and being completely sober.”

“They’re not old.” He might have sounded almost scolding if he had wiped the smile from his face. “Besides, they were drinking enough for me.” He paused to let Gary ‘pfft’ in disapproval before reaching in and bringing out a hidden bottle of wine. “And I was sort of hoping I could have my drink with you…”

Gary’s eyes lit up at the sight of the drink and he leapt up, pulling Richard into a much more expected (and much deeper) kiss. Then he scooped the bottle from his hands, inspecting it and quickly getting out two glasses. A drink, a Richard and a whole evening ahead of them, this spelled for a fun way to end the day…


Partially winged

January 2010

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