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May. 20th, 2009


Studying and posting come hand in hand...

Studying is officially fun with a good song on hand. Also: reading about artists makes me want to write fanfics about them. x_x Odd? Y/y? But they all had gorgeous names, well, apart from the fact 'Van Gogh' makes me think of coughs.

Butbut! Nearly the end of this academic year! Scary and kinda sad. But wicked at the same time. This year has rocked big time. Everything fitted in very neatly, and made me feel all fluffy and lucky... And hyper and crazy.

But with the dawning of a new summer comes the assault of new ambitions. Like... I want to do an oil painting in an expressionist/abstract style, and finish a fanfic. Thanks to the guy on tv I wanna try out poetry (but probably not involving swimming pools with inflatable balls with words written on them, though that was an awesome way to do things). Also need to make a mask. And draw. A lot.

Oh yes. Need to learn to write with my left hand, and play the dusty guitar in my room too. And something else but I forgot what that was.

Now think! What do you plan to do?

LOL note of the day: Someone from another site judged me by my wit and username and decided I was a guy. Sadly, a friend put them straight.

PS: After several years of playing Halo I've just remembered that the A button is break. Maybe I won't fall off so many cliffs in future..?

May. 17th, 2009

Partially winged

Idea Insect

I have... an idea. RAPTURE! Because I understand that it'd be fun to have stubborn/angsty characters go to therapy. So it'd be really handy to have psychologist chars. But... we don't wanna dump it all on one person. So... a community/psychology centre. Get a couple of people willing to rp psychologists (myself probably included, maybe even a robot for more mechanised clients), give 'em a community, handy for people who want to roleplay out something like that.

Sketchy, possible fail, possible win idea. But I'm gonna think some more on it.

...Jeeze it's like starting up a business.

And people? Remind me to update my devart.
Partially winged

Post that appeared in my drafts but I must've forgotten to post!

That... was interesting. Yesterday, in a flurry of chocolate cake and Cadburys buttons I could've sworn I saw Megatron's spark being discovered in The Day The Earth Stood Still. Oh that was a brilliant movie. Though the only scenes I can clearly remember involve squid and someone yelling about veins... Yeaaah... The rest of the time I was too busy going 'That is Cool'. The cool thing in subject was mentioned near the start of the film and was basically The highlight of the movie which turned out to be somewhat boring.

I should probably focus a teeny bit more on my shapeshifters. As much as I enjoy my Mind Messing Mafia-like culture they don't do anything for my ferocity towards discrimination. I only realised recently how scary my mind can go over a mention that wasn't even supposed to be taken in a serious context.

But either one will result in drawing! WhooWhooWhoo!

Though I bought a rubber yesterday. It's like hard plastic that tears the page apart. So... no rubber. I am unimpressed, Company Who Had My Trust.

Apr. 28th, 2009


<£ <€ <$ <3

I LOVE watching movies and making pics! I tried to do X-men but I got bored. I tried to do The Host but I was laughing too much. I also love L. I love a lot of dudes.

OH! A Love List (Nothing intimate now, ladies and gents ;) )! Just for you online folk!
pivot89 - Ain't you just a given? You hero of mine, you. (Except when you're talking about math. :p)
lellenator - Because you are kick ass, clever and we, the populace, love you!
anonymoose_au - You and your enthusiaticiness is pretty!
Vic-mun! You have no (or I know of no) journal with which I can link the others to your dedication to RP and wonderfully interessante life!

It's a given that the characters roleplayed by the above are awesome! So, moving on to the dudes who will nevar see this.

kage_himoto - You are a shiny char! You are being firey, lively, fun and complex! We lurve you! 
 alloy_avenger - We, like, never roleplay. But that's fine! You make me lol and grin and you are robotic!
qcontinuum - Q! OMG Q! We love you! Although your detailed replies scared the crap out me at first, we love you! You ees snarky, humourous and smart AT ONCE! (J's just snarky) 
 vending_lol - Come on. Do I need more of a reason?
waterfell - I don't 'get' (as in, haven't figured out the main motives of/stereotyped) your character, which is goddamn interesting. Plus you ees fun to play with.

There are many many more that I can't think of the usernames in my gleeeful state of mind. Oh yeah! And there's a birthday in the family! HAPPY B-DAY, DUDE! Duude, stop fake crying...

You guys, I love you all! (This be a long lasting sugar rush)
This is an equal opportunities list. Spelling mistakes are for added effect. This list isn't copyrighted. People are encouraged to make a list. Optimism is underrated.

Have something else I love, and a joke and a cheery song or two! Before I leave you to watch The Day The Earth Stood Still! ALIENS!!! HOLLYWOOD ALIENS!!! Hm, wonder what Bollywood aliens are like...

Convo of the day:
Friend 1: That looks exactly like my pencil! *horror!*
Me: Yes. That's because they were mass produced.
Friend 2: She doesn't know what that means.
Me: Well. When a business man and money love each other very much they make pencils. *pause* Preferably 2B.

Apr. 27th, 2009



I've had this stuck in my head all day (narrator and all). And do you know what I've concluded?

Don't worry, guys it's probably just a sugar rush.

Oh, and to Pivot, you're right about the rainbows! Every one I've seen I've turned around and opposite is a blinding bright light! :D Amazing!

AND THE NEXUS NEED A BARNUM! "Wondrous, just wondrous!" He'd be fun...

J's... being all lovestruck again. And I need to get writing, and I get to cut up a skirt! here's to hoping my family doesn't walk in and think I'm taking my frustrations about femininity (say that ten three times really fast) out on it! ^^

ZO-my, I nearly forgot to add that my geeky side was accessed yet again the other day when a car drove in front of me with not a madza, but an AUTOBOT symbol. Oh I squeed. I squeed big time. I hope I didn't scare him too much by watching his car with shiny eyes all the way to the next turn. I LOVE THIS PLACE!!

Apr. 26th, 2009

Partially winged

After another change of password

I've decided that it's quite probable I'm going to change my password every time I sign in.

Also, my list of chars for the Nexus has been left up the other end of the country. Whoops.

I've actually managed to paint a picture I'm ok with.

And I had my first scoop of Ben & Jerrys. This is amazing. A landmark in history. It had to be noted.

ALSO I figured out what to write a book about. Well. Sort of. I fail at planning. But I get the setting. This is good. It's also the easiest part, but still good! Which reminds me I need to update the RP I started.

I feel so accomplished. Go me. Next Stop: L userpics!

Apr. 18th, 2009

Partially winged

After changing my password. AGAIN.

I really don't know how many times LJ has frozen up on me for my numerous attempts to hack into my memory again. A lot, anyway.

Also. I decided to make a list of characters dear_multiverse  needs, or really should have. My brain isn't working so well right now, but I'll add on as time goes by.

1. House.
2. Dexter, probably.
3. Tenumbaum (Bioshock)
4. Monitor 343 Guilty Spark. WE LOVE YOU SPARKS, YOU GIT YOU.
5. Microsoft word would be doing indents for me by now.
6. Cortana
7. Viktor and/or The Founder
8. Johnson. (EVERYONE and EVERYWHERE should have a Johnson)
9. About half the chars of Get Smart Bruce and Lloyd.
10. Arbiter and Shipmaster (Have you guessed what I'm a fan of yet?)
11.  A FREAKIN' PSYCHOLOGIST who isn't too insane  who wouldn't mind doing patient-y things in the Nexus. I bet they'd get plenty of RP.
12. People from that movie....

... One moment while I consult with my life adviser.

Apr. 14th, 2009

Partially winged

One of those unfabulous days

I will never go onto yahoo blogspot ever again. I think I went into a frenzy and nearly strangled myself trying to yell through the computer screen at them. (Yes I went back after saying I wouldn't. I stupidly mentioned asexuality to people who have no idea what it is. *Face + palm*)

It wasn't a pretty sight.

But yes! I've gone on Fable 2 now and quenched my thirst for blood! Turns out guards can't swim! (maybe because of their thick, slightly protective clothing) Luckily I am a magical-magical person on this so I could mock them from the waters, swim out the other side and murder the other half of the city!

... Ok that doesn't sound much better. J, you suck for influencing my rage.

Which reminds me that I've actually written a small something for him. I'll probably put it up sometime. As soon as I don't cringe at the thought of putting it up. Oh he needs to appear to be more dangerous/in more danger. Nobody's going to get it into their heads that J isn't the safest person to be around, otherwise. Mwahaha- The eviller plans start...

I have to make a list of love sometime... to make up for all this negative stuff.

Apr. 13th, 2009

Scottish ninja monk

Nothing makes sense!

So. Joined a new community: snapshot_hunter . I might actually use my camera more because of it. Good old LJ spotlight, suggest things for everyone.

Hey... you can suggest a place... Oh. *Type, type, type* Dear... multiverse... Theeere we go. Roleplay needs more attention. (So I don't feel weird for being addicted) Huh, calling them 'peeps', good idea or not? Damn you, Pivot, you've infected my language.

Ack. Got really annoyed. Yahoo blog thing started a debate on the whole issue of the Catholic Church rejecting gay marriage. I told them to all shut up, its all about 'love' and only stopped sulking to snark at someone who called homosexuality a sickness. Ugh! I'm leaving it! I'M LEAVING IT!

... WTF?...

"I cannot quite believe that people on this thread have actually likened homosexuality to pedophilia. The difference is quite clear: the former is a form of rape, one consenting party and one not, or at least one party which is legally considered too young to decide. The latter is between consenting adults, doing what they choose, and what gives them pleasure. What, precisely, is the "intrinsic moral evil" in that?

Personally, I am an atheist..." I can't believe it, either, ma'am, miss, person. Eeechgherghergherk. >< Nooot looking... noot looking...

I hate stupid people sometimes. Really. Ugh.

Cartoon so I don't end on a low noteCollapse )</div>

Apr. 12th, 2009

Partially winged

RST # 2 & 3

Specially for J. Actually my first stick-pic (hence the fuzzziness), but as J says 'y'know'.

I get the feeling this sums up couple of Nexus related relationships. Or maybe just one.

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